A Systematic Analysis of the WFCAM Calibration Data Archive for the VVV Templates Project

31/10/2012 16:40


A Systematic Analysis of the WFCAM Calibration Data Archive

for the VVV Templates Project 

Carlos Eduardo Ferreira Lopes- DFTE/UFRN


In the framework of the VVV Templates Project, an international project aimed at developing and testing the algorithms for the automated classification of the ~10^6 light curves produced by the Vista Variables in the Vía Láctea (VVV) ESO Public Survey, we have started a systematic investigation of the infrared data currently available to the astronomical community, focusing on a few unexplored (yet public) near-infrared (IR) archives, that represent an extremely valuable, but too often forgotten, data resource. In the present contribution, I will describe our ongoing effort towards the building of the first database of near-IR light curves. In particular, I will focus on our preliminary results from the systematic analysis of the Standard Star Calibration Archives of the Wide Field CAMera (WFCAM) at the UK Infrared Telescope (UKIRT), a still virgin treasure of information on stellar variability in the near-IR .

01 de novembro de 2012 às 15h15min

Local: Auditório do DFTE
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